September 30, 14

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Morning in the Burned House, a castle fanfic | FanFiction


KILL ME. THIS IS EVERYTHING ELSE I WANTED TO SAY ABOUT KATE AND THAT TWO MONTHS. those yellow legal pads. you guys. those so very precise and long yellow legal pads

laura is so nice to me

Morning in the Burned House, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

September 1, 14

Monday, September 1st, 2014

September 1, 14

Monday, September 1st, 2014



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June 6, 14

Friday, June 6th, 2014


Jessie’s goat.

LOL why is my goat so stupid!?

June 1, 14

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prompts // fills

and new this year, i’ve created a supplementary tumblr.

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May 30, 14

Friday, May 30th, 2014

What are some of the funniest stories you've read? Like, hilarious, makes you actually laugh out loud stories. (Stories that are shorter, or a couple chapters, but not really long multi-chapter fics, please.) Thanks, and love the blog!
- Anonymous

I’ve got a few other requests for this, but I can’t be bothered to scroll through my inbox to find them. I’ll chuck in a few longer ones cause they are awesome but I’ll write that next to them. Thanks!!

Among Friends and Waiting Game (longer) by muppet47 

Also Silent Night, Ferret Night by Polly Lynn, set in the same universe as Waiting Game

Pickup Limes by seilleanmor

Voila! by Kate Christie

Wordplay by International08

FruitfulMad Love (longer) and Dumb (longer) by kimmiesjoy 

Appropriate Contact by Cora Clavia

Confessions by SparkleMouse

The Most Awkward Thanksgiving, Curves AheadBang and Survival of the Fittest by Cartographical

A Sizeable Problem by lousiemcdoogle

The Game is On by ColieMacKenzie

Busted by shimmeryshine (longer but individual one shots)

Alpiett by Ky03elk

Sweetart by caffinate-me

Not All the Songs, A Significant Lime and Real Live Haunted House by chezchuckles

May 29, 14

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

favorite character meme → seven scenes: Confessions [6/7]

May 13, 14

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Ok. so. Parts of the finale felt like Castle filler episode, eh? But, personally loved the weeping Beckett scene at the end (what's wrong with me I don't know:) Please tell me you think that Bracken's "people" abducted Castle. Because duh, he didn't die, and poor Beckett for feeling that way for even 5 seconds after the life she has had, but which way do you think they are going to go with it? I think the episode was a red herring, and of course Bracken will try to get her until she kills him!
- Anonymous

i am the worst one to theorize about things like this because there are so many people out there with a better grasp of — well, everything — than me. i keep seeing 3xk but i would be so exasperated because he’s already made castle appear as something other than what he is (granted, a murderer rather than dead, but been there done that). 

i’d *almost* feel cheated if this was the result of a good bracken scheme after the gorgeous closure they gave beckett in vertias (not that i want it to last forever, but, like, two eps would be fine). EXCPET, they entirely dropped the thread of who actually committed the murder from that ep in the first place, which i really don’t think the show has ever done before — whoever shot jason marks and tortured the badass formerly known as vulcan simmons is to our knowledge just traipsing merrily around out there, and at least if he/she/it/they were responsible for Beckett’s Great Wedding Bonfire the whole thing would seem less random.

or, idk. given becketts experiences with royce and montgomery and her general luck, i’m going to go ahead and be the (hopefully) first person to officially pin that whole last scene on Rogan. 

May 13, 14

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

So you like angst -- what did you think of the end of the finale?
- Anonymous

my biggest problem with the finale is that i am an absolute sucker for angst, so much so that i am almost as protective of the genre as i am of my favorite show. but you’ve got to give me something to which you’ve built — have beckett get shot at montgomery’s funeral; have 3xk plot to get castle arrested; have beckett get tortured by vulcan simmons. i myself am (shockingly) no detective and did not necessarily foresee these things, but all of them are events that were in hindsight reasonably foreshadowed.

OR (ideally and, but i’m not that picky), give me some kind of catharsis. sometimes real life rears its surprising, traumatizing head right up and smacks you in the face, and i can both appreciate and empathize with this, but i need go along with the characters and experience at least a tiny bit of that beautiful aristotelian purge of emotions.

except i just said catharsis and it’s not entirely true — what i actually want isn’t aristotle’s catharsis, it’s the word he replaces it with in poetics. i want rhaumaston, wonder in both senses of the word, i want all those worlds of possibility that angst can open. i love the pain; i adore castle shattering beckett’s world with a reluctant admission about her mother; i love beckett staring at castle’s back as he leaves her for the summer or watching him get led away in cuffs; i love all this because we spiral up or down with these people in their journeys and we get the wonder at their joy and their pain and i want to *feel* that but instead i just feel that i was so entirely robbed of that.